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FULMiRA Japan Business Introduction

​H・S We act on behalf of real estate and asset investments owned by building owners.

Real Estate Investment

​Investigation of real estate transaction prices

Handle​ We will entrust the evaluation survey of real estate to a professional company on behalf of the owner.

​Intermediary selection

​Evaluate real estate investment brokers and decide whether to entrust them.

​Meeting with a specialist on behalf of the owner


​Investment decisions and decisions

Evaluate the merits and demerits of real estate investment and sale ​,

make the final decision.

​real estate transaction specialist

​Renovation work request

Arrangements for repair work necessary for the construction of H・S Building and related real estate will be requested and coordinated with specialist contractors on your behalf.


[Recent achievements]

July 3, 2020  Sale of real estate around Shinsaibashi, Osaka (200 million yen)

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