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[Company Profile]

Representative CEO Yuuki Miyake

Established April 2, 2020

Business content

(1) HS building IT-related business
(2) Real estate business (HS building, parking lot rental business)

(3) Business planning and development using new technology

Location 〒631-0817 1-2-4 H・S Building 1F, Saidaiji Kitamachi, Nara City, Nara Prefecture

Contact TELL  0742-51-7830  FAX  078301


[Business history]

April 2020  Established FULMiRA Japan LLC

May 2020  Online/rental space for customer attraction business

June 2020  Promoting remote management of H/S building tenants

July 2020  H・S building related real estate transaction support

August 2020  Started online building management and vending machine business

September 2020  Started online parking lot management business

June 2021   Start of real estate business consignment partnership

[Main client]

​Kanebo Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Yamako Housing Holdings Co., Ltd.


Duskin Co., Ltd.

Omotel Co., Ltd.

APPY Co., Ltd.


dh Communications Inc.

Nextcom Co., Ltd.

Enjin Co., Ltd.

Earth Car Co., Ltd.

Yanase Co., Ltd.

National Silver Human Resources Center Business Association

Design One Japan Co., Ltd.

Long Life Co., Ltd.

Aqua Co., Ltd.

[Main financial bank]

SBI Sumishin Net Bank, Ltd.

[Advisory tax accountant]

Kanae Management Co., Ltd. Trace Tax Corporation

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