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​Lending plan

New room usage plan

​ [Used so far]


​ [Future use]


​ Contract a specific vacant classroom in the H/S building, and on a fixed day of the weekThe owner prepared the necessary equipment and used it. However, due to the spread of online, the need to review the following issues has increased.

1: Necessity to gather together and use

2: The trouble of preparing online equipment procurement by the owner

​3: Number of contracted days and actual room occupancy rate

Room (month/day/hourly rental)


online gear(WIFI, Smartphone/Tablet/PC)

​Homepage creation, Internet opening


​In future plans, you will be able to use the room not only for a fixed contract, but also for the date you want to rent and online equipment.

​ See below for plan details.

空室状況: Service

​Monthly contract plan

This is a plan in which you pay a monthly fee for an empty classroom in the H/S building.


​For long-term classroom users


​From ¥4,000/month


online gear

​combination plan

 This plan allows you to rent online equipment according to the room of the monthly contract plan.

​wifi, smartphones/tablets, and computers can be rented. Please contact us first.


home page

production plan

It will be a plan to create a website for the owner according to the monthly contract plan + online equipment.

​The cost is negotiable.


​Digital Planet

(in preparation)

It will be a rental conference room that utilizes the virtual space (metaverse).

We are preparing an environment that can be used for activities that use various spaces such as meetings, music activities, and classrooms.

This is a rental space plan where you make a reservation online for the date and time you want to rent, not for a fixed number of days.

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