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空室状況: Service

Time rental for online reservation and payment

■ Rooms available for online reservation

2nd floor for office/classroom use (hourly rental) *We are preparing to expand the number of available rooms.

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◇ Advance reservations will be made on the external site "Kashikashi".

① If this is your first time, register as a member here.

②​Members, click here for the second time and later.

​Receive email after booking

◇How to open the key is described in the received email. Please follow either procedure.

How to open ①: Enter the password with time limit to unlock it.

How to open ②​: Unlock using the smartphone app.

​ [Unlocking image video of smartphone app]

*The key box uses a product made by iglohome.

​ Heading to the site

​ Heading to the site


◇Once you arrive at the entrance on the 1st floor of the HS building, get the key from the key box.

​ After using the room

◇When you have finished using the room, return the key to the key box. This is the end of use.

* Payment will be credit card payment on the "Kashikashi" site.

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